Where Will You And Your Family Dine Out In Iowa City?

Which one of these Iowa City restaurants is going to be the one that you pick when you and yours dine out? I’ve got a steakhouse for you right out of the gate. Don’t go anywhere because you really want to take a look at these great dining establishments before you make a selection. Get ready to see which four restaurants I’ve selected for you out of over 200 in Iowa City.

Joseph’s Steakhouse is located at 212 South Clinton Street, and it is known for prime rib, seafood bisque, whipped potatoes and so much more. You’re at a steakhouse, and prime rib would be a great choice. Yet you know there are going to be other great steak options on the menu, too. This would be a great restaurant pick for celebration dinners. It would be a great restaurant pick for any type of dinner, including family meals and date night.

Rapid Creek Cidery is a unique choice. It looks like an enormous rustic barn, and the address is 4823 Dingleberry Road NE. It’s at the apple orchard located in the city, and it’s said to be a wonderful place to enjoy a nice brunch. Roasted cauliflower, hard cider, lamb burgers and more are on the menu. Even white fish makes the menu at this eatery with an eclectic menu. How does a meal at the Rapid Creek Cidery sound to you?

Leaf Kitchen is another great place to eat in Iowa City. You will find it at 301 Kirkwood Avenue. The restaurant can get quite busy, so keep that in mind as it is known to have a wait at times. Order up omelets, oatmeal, ham, hummus and all kinds of delicious fresh food. Not only is Leaf Kitchen a great place to enjoy lunch, but people say that it also makes a wonderful choice for a romantic dinner. The granola pancake is said to be a popular menu item.

Nodo is one more spot I wanted to tell you about. Nodo is located at 600 North Dodge Street, and it’s known for its pork sandwiches, among other delicious menu items. The tables are said to be tall in this restaurant, and guess what, it’s in the middle of a hardware store. How different and unique is that?

I think I would have to see the restaurant that fits inside a hardware store. I would also want to check out these other great picks. See where you end up dining out in Iowa City.

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